Thursday, January 18, 2007


Here's a passage I came across in my reading for my Psychology class (we get to read Spirit of Prophecy for Psychology class, how cool is that!) It's worth more than a mere passing glance:

"The Lord has given man capacity for continual improvement, and has granted him all possible aid in the work. Through the provisions of divine grace we may attain almost to the excellence of the angels.--RH, June 20, 1882. (OHC 218.)" [1MCP 9.1]

Monday, January 1, 2007

It's OVER!

GYC is least GYC 2006 in Baltimore is over. Luke and I actually were in Minneapolis the week before GYC to get things rolling for next year. Well, GYC Baltimore was a huge blessing. I actually got to hear many of the sermons (only one seminar, though) and the preaching, in my opinion, was at an unprecedented level. Here are some highlights from the conference from my perspective:
  1. 2600 registered and checked in. 4000 people on Sabbath morning.
  2. Having all of our name tag printers malfunction, only to be troubleshot (by my bro, yeah!) and working 45 minutes before registration opened.
  3. Average wait time for registration went down from 3 hours to 3 minutes. (Can somebody say AMEN out there?!)
  4. Seeing convention staff walking around with their heads buried in an Adventist book or toting a Bible study card.
  5. Seeing GYC attendees praying with, giving Bible studies, and talking with people on the Inner Harbor.
  6. Setting a new trend with the Sabbath sack meals.
  7. Working with an incredible bunch of people in the logistics team.
  8. Introducing CD Brooks for the Sunday morning challenge.
Make plans to be at GYC 2007 at the Minneapolis Convention Center on December 19-23!