Monday, November 19, 2007

Speeding bullets

My life of late:
  • GYC registration closing soon! Register today!
  • Got sick...sniffle, cough, hack.
  • Got well...yay!
  • Big chemistry!
  • Prepare for final exam (mine)!
  • Prepare for final exams (my students)...mwa ha ha!
  • Grading student research papers. LOTS of grading...ugh.
  • Complete student teaching portfolio...eeek!
  • Thanksgiving break is coming...yay!
  • Can't go home...wah!
  • End of post...phew!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Crunchier than the Crunchiest

Crunch time has officially arrived for this GYC VP. Without going into details, I just solicit your prayers as we manage this last month before GYC. There seems to be new surprises every year that never fails to keep things exciting.

BTW, reminder to all those who have not registered for GYC that Standard Registration closes November 11. We experienced (as forewarned) significant technical issues with registrations during the big surge of people trying to register all at the same time at the close of Early don't delay!