Sunday, March 16, 2008

Latest on AudioVerse

The first official recording of my personal testimony has been uploaded to I know that many have been wondering just exactly what happened when I got sick, and since I am not able to visit everyone who has such concerns, I'm thankful that AudioVerse is able to distribute this testimony to all who are interested to listen. Here is the link that will take you to the exact page where you can download the message entitled, When Troubles Come.

Blessings to you!


Melody said...

Al, just wanted you to know that your sermon was SUCH a blessing Sabbath!!!! I think it ranks as one of my top favorites that I've heard from the AH pulpit!! What a powerful witness and testimony. Thanks for sharing....and praise the Lord how He has worked and is working through you and what you've experienced!!! (I'm passing the message on to all my friends!)

Norman McNulty said...

Al, I'm so thankful you are up and preaching again and not in the hospital bed where we saw you in Minnesota. God is truly able to do miracles in our time.

Cheng said...

Hey Alistair,

My name is Cheng. I never had a chance to meet you, but praying for you at GYC was the least I could do knowing that you were in your condition. It was my first GYC and what a blessing it was!

I was wondering if I could speak to you about a youth speaking engagement. My email is:


Mister S said...

Dear Alistair,
I'm Ferdi Sastropawiro. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I can relate to that kind of suffering because I have crohn's disease. Every point you made in your sermon apply to me literally. I have 3 surgeries and the doc finally cut my illeum because I was bleeding internally and lost so much weight, doc thought I may not make it throught the surgery. Praise God, I got a new lease on life. I'm on a strict vegan diet now and drug free. It's still hard sometimes, but God is good. Thanks for your sermon.