Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Summer is Upon Us

I have not posted in a while, mainly because not very much happened that I felt particularly compelled to blog about. However, I think now is a good time to share a little about how things have been going and what's around the corner for me.

My recovery is still going slow by steady. Pretty much all function is back, except for the deltoid muscles on both arms. It's slow going, but I still detect minute improvements. I'm no longer visiting anyrehab facilities, just doing a home exercise program. Okay, that's the boring update, here's the exciting part.

I will be traveling for the next few weeks to several places, which will really test the quality of my physical endurance. Here they are in order:
  1. Laurelbrook Academy Graduation - I've been invited back as the graduation speaker at the school where I did my student teaching last Fall. I am excited and honored to have this marvelous privilege. I will try my best to take some pictures.
  2. Sarawak, Malaysia - Shortly after graduation, I will be flying with my family back to Malaysia to visit my dad's side of the family. They live in Sarawak, East Malaysia. It will be a grueling 30+ hour trip from Loma Linda to our first stop!
  3. Melaka, Malaysia - After a long weekend with extended family, we will fly back to West Malaysia to the province of Melaka for the annual AYC youth camp. I will be speaking together with Randy Skeete. My parents are also speaking for a Family Seminar, and true to form, they drafted me to do several of the presentations for them also.
  4. Singapore - A few days after AYC, I will be driving down to Singapore for SYC! It is a youth camp for some of youth groups in the Singapore area, and I will be the main speaker for that event as well.
  5. Hong Kong - Immediately following SYC, my family will jet off to Hong Kong for a final few days of "ration replenishment" (i.e. SHOPPING!). Being that we have a layover in HK anyway, we are taking the opportunity to import some good Asian food that can't be found here in the US, and also update our wardrobe since we tend to have trouble with US-sized clothing. :-)
Phew! Ready or not, this trip is right upon me. I'm thankful that the Lord has healed my body enough that I can still actively participate in ministry opportunities around the world. Please do pray for the various souls that will hear the Gospel preached to them this summer, as you remember. My travels conclude at the end of June after which I will be taking summer school in California and also helping prepare for the wedding of some dear friends. I hope that those who visit this blog will have a blessed, productive, and safe summer!